Setur Marinas and TURMEPA Celebrated The Environment Week at Kalamis Marina

Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, hosted Kadıköy Zühtüpaşa Primary School students as part of World Environment Day activities in cooperation with TURMEPA
Focusing on sustainability efforts with the mission of bringing unique solutions to environmental problems, Setur Marinas celebrated Turkey Environment Week with an activity held on Tuesday, June 6 at the Kalamış Port Area. In the event organized in cooperation with TURMEPA, handicraft works were made from waste materials collected with Kadıköy Zühtüpaşa Primary School students, and students were informed about maritime, marinas and boats.
Zühtüpaşa Primary School students created an unforgettable work of art during the workshop on upcycling from waste materials organized under the leadership of TURMEPA. This work will be exhibited at Kalamış Marina to draw attention to plastic pollution and the protection of our seas.
On World Environment Day, where a different theme is chosen by the United Nations every year, this year's theme was determined as "Solution to Plastic Pollution", and with this work created by primary school students, attention was once again drawn to a global problem.
In line with its environmental policy, Setur Marinas prioritizes global environmental problems such as climate crisis, plastic pollution, loss of natural resources and biodiversity among its environmental risks, and bases its business model on realizing environmentally conscious investments by integrating environmental sustainability into all its operations. As part of the fight against plastic pollution, Setur Marinas fulfilled its commitment to end the consumption of single-use plastics by its employees and zeroed out the consumption of single-use plastics in 2023.
*Since the decision taken at the United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Sweden in 1972, June 5 has been celebrated as "World Environment Day" to remind us of the importance of our environment and its decisive role in our future. In our country, the week including June 5th has been declared as "Turkey Environment Week".