The meeting point for sea enthusiasts, Setur Marinas' content platform "Highlights"

Setur Marinas brings together all new and original stories about the sea with its new content platform "Highlights". Setur Marinas, which pioneered the development of marinership in Turkey, has been bringing its new content platform Highlights to its readers since 2022 with the aim of strengthening the bond between its members and contacting all sea lovers. Aiming to play a greater role in the development of maritime culture and maritime media, a significant portion of the content on Highlights is prepared by marina employees. To date, Highlights has featured interviews with famous names such as Mehmet Aslantuğ and Nev, information on sailing from Başak Mireli's pen, and reviews of Sadun Boro's works.
Deniz Enberker Karakış, Setur Marinas Corporate Communications Manager, says that Highlights aims to produce content in cooperation with all maritime publications rather than being an advertising channel, and adds: "We attach great importance to the development of the maritime media. There are very valuable periodical publications in this field in our country, and dozens of important books are published in a year and we want this to develop further. We want movies to increase and television channels to be opened on digital platforms. So, we can enable many more people to meet the sea.
High-valued journals are published in Turkey. We are in constant cooperation with them, and we always provide support. From now on, we will contribute in terms of content as well. Don't be surprised if you see some special content we've created for Highlights in important journals."
Highlights, which is published quarterly, includes interviews, news from marinas, developments in the sector, sustainable maritime, maritime literature and travel recommendations. Readers can access Highlights content via Setur Marinas' mobile application. Highlights includes special sections for marina members as well as content accessible for everyone.