About Us

History of Netsel Marina

A large number of the marinas Turkey-wide are located within the borders of Muğla City. The geographical and climatic conditions suitable to yachting at the coasts around Muğla City have given rise to the need for marinas in this region. Resembling a still lake, Marmaris Bay, located within the borders of Muğla, forms a stopover suitable for yachts. As being one of the biggest and well-equipped marinas of Turkey, Netsel Marmaris Marina has become the starting-point of the blue cruise alongside the Aegean coastline.

A large part (95%) of Netsel Marina was built by the Directorate-General of Railways, Sea/Airports Construction. Having been incorporated for yachting business by its two major partners, namely Net Turizm and Yüksel İnşaat, and given a name that reflected its field of activity, Netsel Turizm Yatımları A.Ş. commenced its operations as of 1987.

Having been opened as of April 1989, following the completion of the port construction, Netsel Marina inaugurated its commercial center, as well as its administrative facilities as from 1992.

Its shares were successively purchased firstly by Torunlar GYO A.Ş. as of May 2005, and then by Tek-Art Kalamış ve Fenerbahçe Marmara Turizm Tesisleri A.Ş., operating under Koç Group, Netsel Marina is still being operated within this shareholding structure.


  • To popularize maritime, marine tourism and yachting, to spread it to wider masses, to encourage young people and to raise awareness in these fields.
  • To introduce the coasts of our country to the global yachting community and increase the traffic to our coast.
  • To expand our "marina chain" in Turkey and abroad with innovative strategies, to become a model brand and to continue to create value in the sector.


  • To become one of the most important brands of the sector in the Mediterranean Basin and to contribute to the development of maritime in our country.