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Eastern Mediterranean is one of the most prestigious marinas Netsel Marmaris Marina, already Grandchildren REIT and the Koç Group and business partners in the chain of Setu Marina continues to serve as the sixth marina. 

A beautiful pine forest that leans back Netsel Marmaris Marmaris Marina, adorned with turquoise shades of the most special place in the heart of Marmaris in a natural lake view is located in a unique pearl-like. 

One of the most important "city marina" is. Date Marmaris castle and entertainment venues adjacent to the marina, Marmaris town center is just two minutes walking time. 

Netsel Marmaris Marina, which is located in a strong breakwater and harbor structures with natural protection against bad weather conditions is one of the most secure shelter.

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VHF 06 “Port Marmaris”
Coordinates:36°51'02"N - 28°16'38"E
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